How to Mop the Kitchen Floors in Your Houston Apartment

How to Mop A Floor

The kitchen floor in your affordable Houston apartment is likely the floor space that sees the most use, so it's likely the one that ends up with the most dirt and debris on it, which requires regular cleaning. Here are a few apartment cleaning tips to help you clean your kitchen floor properly and get it spotless and sparkling. Before mopping, … [Read more...]

Inexpensive Ways to Brighten Up Your Houston Apartment for Spring

10 Fun Ways to Brighten Up Your Apartment With Washi Tape

Spring is just around the corner and you might be looking for unique and inexpensive apartment decorating tips that will help you brighten up your Houston apartment in anticipation of the changing seasons. Washi tape is a great idea for apartment dwellers, because it gives you the freedom to decorate in a variety of colorful and creative ways without … [Read more...]

Clean Your Houston Bathroom in Only Fifteen Minutes

Clean the Bathroom In 15 Minutes

After a long day of work or a long week of errands, all you want is to sit and relax in your apartment in Houston. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford a maid and most bathrooms should be cleaned every one to two weeks. When you don't have the time or don't want to give up the time to clean your bathroom, there are quick and easy apartment cleaning … [Read more...]

Sweeten Up Your Night in Houston With Dessert from Not Jus’ Donuts

Not Jus' Donuts Bakery

Nothing beats finding a good bakery. There's something old fashioned about it, something that makes us feel comforted inside, enveloped by the delicious scent of fresh baked goods. If you're looking for a bakery in Houston that you absolutely must try, be sure to check out Not Jus' Donuts. For more than a decade Not Jus' Donuts has been providing … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Glass Blown Piece at Three Dimensional Visions

Three Dimensional Visions

If you are looking for art classes in Houston and want to find something beyond the standard paint or ceramics classes, consider glass blowing at Three Dimensional Visions. Here you will learn the basics of an ancient form of artistic expression and you will leave with a beautiful creation all your own. Classes are available every Sunday where you … [Read more...]

Make St. Patrick’s Day Crafts With the Kids in Houston

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day brings thoughts of drinking and dancing. However, there are some wonderful things you can do with your children as well. Make use of some apartment decorating ideas to get the kids in on the action. Get some crept paper streamers and make some beautiful garlands. Use a stencil to create some 4 leaf clover outlines on folded … [Read more...]

How to Clean the Mini Blinds in Your Houston Apartment

How to Clean the Mini Blinds in Your Houston Apartment

If you're like most people, you skip over the mini blinds during your weekly cleaning. It's not that you don't want to clean them, but it's such a hassle to do it properly since everyone assumes you have to remove the blinds to get them completely clean. These simple apartment cleaning tips showcase how easy it is to clean your blinds while leaving … [Read more...]

Enjoy Great American Food at the Black-Eyed Pea

Black-eyed Pea

You need to get out every once in a while to have a nice relaxing meal that you don't have to cook. There are many great restaurants in Houston you can enjoy a good meal at with friends and family. Check out and enjoy great American food at the Black-Eyed Pea. They have a location in Fuqua that has many wonderful menu options you can enjoy. Start … [Read more...]

Check Out Classic Cars at the Corvette Chevy Expo in Houston

Houston Auto Show

If you love Chevy cars, there is no reason not to come to the Corvette Chevy Expo. By attending Chevy car shows in Houston, you will be able to see everything that Chevy has to offer all in one place. Get a Part for Your Car Are you looking for a Chevy part. Another reason to attend the Chevy Expo is the large swap meet for truck parts. Buying … [Read more...]

4 Tips to Help Organize Your Child’s Closet in Houston

4 Tips to Help Organize Your Child's Closet in Houston

A change in the seasons is a great time to find some apartment organization tips, especially for organizing children's closets. Even though many of us dread this chore, these four easy tips on how to organize your kid's closets that will make you wonder why you ever did. Organize the closet and help your child stay organized for school by using … [Read more...]